How is to be gay in country like El Salvador?

Most of people don’t really know about the gay life style in a country that is not well known for many.

Well, one point. This is my fist post in a language that is not Spanish and I am a photographer who lives in El Salvador, a land with a lot of prejudices because the violence that affects all the parts of our society the make foreigners to think that here is not the best place to live.

In fact, it seems like the media feel pleasure to report only homicides and it’s not only those thing.

Me, walking in the office.

What about the gay community?

Gay community in El Salvador, is like a big family who connect each other in some way, you always going to find somebody that would be familiar. I have friends who go to parties with friends of mine… Here in the city, you should visit the most iconic gay bar of the scene in San Salvador, it calls Scape Disco, every weekend lot of gays, lesbian, transgender go to party and move with the sound of what’s right now in the music industry, all of them feel free to be who they really are without feeling worried of people´s opinion.

I´m currently have boyfriend and I would call him “Chepe”. He is one most important people of my life, he changes the way I see the love because I decided not believe in that thing in the past. When “Chepe” came in to my life, it was breathtaking sharing my greatest moments with a person that is very cute, polite and well-being with me.

I’m very lucky to have found a person that makes me feel so especial in a lot of ways and I hope one day to feel free to walk by hand without the fear of what going to happen. But in interesting in some way, by the fact that nobody in the place I live have problems with my preference of being homosexual, actually, many workmates of mine are gays o bi and that´s no problem for them to develop their skills as professionals.

Despite of the economic issues that affect many parts of Latin America, I feel pretty bless for have born in country that at least I can live great for being gay.

Sorry for me english 🙂

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