How to start a new year when you’re single.

Yes, it’s hard to start a year when you didn’t complete the goals you made in the past.

But things are getting even harder when you think nobody is helping you, without a person close to you in each special moments of your life, while everybody are living a love story.

So, how to start again a new year when you are single? Start for having a life. Yes, propose yourself in decrease your dependence for social media and paying less attention for what others are doing. Sometimes, when we constantly aware of your friends we indirectly compare ourselves with them and that make us create a wrong vision of our reality.

For that reason, I have 5 goals I want to achieve to have a better life this year and that you can put in practice:

Es difícil empezar un año cuando no lograste tus metas en el pasado.

Pero las cosas se ponen aún más difíciles cuando crees que nadie te está ayudando, cuando no hay nadie cerca de ti cada momento especial de tu vida, mientras todo el mundo vive una historia de amor.

Entonces, ¿cómo empezar de nuevo un nuevo año cuando estás soltero? Comienza por tener una vida. Sí, proponte a disminuir tu dependencia para las redes sociales y prestar menos atención a lo que otros están haciendo. A veces, cuando constantemente nos damos cuenta lo que nuestros amigos hacen, nos comparamos indirectamente con ellos y eso nos hace crear una visión equivocada de nuestra realidad.

Por eso, tengo 5 metas que quiero lograr para tener una mejor este año y que tú puedes poner en práctica:

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At some point of our life, we feel that nobody can’t support us, but the reality is totally different, because, always will be a person we can trust and talk about our problems. So, I choose to be happy and don’t feel lonely anymore.

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I always have thinking that you start to die when you believe you know everything. Learning new things would help you to grow as person and open your mind to new possibilities.

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Sometimes, not everything wont be okay on the first try. But perseverance is the main key of success.

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This year, it’s the year I would achieve my goals without the approval of the people. We must believe in our decisions.

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Don’t overthink the things too much. Just do it

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